Frequently Asked Questions

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It takes less than 5 minutes to set up your club website. All you need to do is to create an initial web address (e.g. and put in your email address and password. You can change your web address at any time (see domain FAQ below).

You don't need any technical knowledge to be able to set up your club website and then customise and run it.

You can start by selecting one of the themes that we have already created. Tip - select the theme that is most closely aligned to the primary colour you use on your club logo & kit. Plus, don't worry if you change your mind - you can change your theme and customise your own colours at any time.

Yes. If you have any questions, the easiest way to contact our support team is via email:
If you need help setting up your website, we offer an assisted site set up. For £99, our support team will set up and configure your Club Website for you, upload your design assets, your initial content and provide one admin training session. You also receive 30 days free priority support via our helpdesk. Want to know more? Contact us below.

You can set up your club website for FREE, though it will feature advertising that is controlled by Cycling Club Software. Access your admin dashboard, to view our premium features including the option to pay £9.99 per month to remove the ads.

Access your admin dashboard, to view our premium features including the option to pay £5.99 per month onth to switch on your own dedicated club branded iOS and android mobile app including a GPS tracker plus access website features on the go!
Once you have switched your app on, click on the "Mobile App" button at the top of the website to find out how to download the App from the Apple iOS and Android Play stores.

You can do this by going to your admin dashboard, and following the instructions. If you get stuck and need help, just contact our support team via email:

Yes, you can access the domain area in your admin dashboard and follow a simple set of instructions in order to make your club website accessible on your own domain (URL)

Yes, it is securely hosted in the cloud by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and backed up daily.